Engineering Sustainable Materials

Solutions for green production

Bringing sustainable plastics to life.

We use our engineering expertise to create functional sustainable plastics, including

  • Compostable plastics.
  • Recycled plastics.
  • Biobased plastics.

Great Biomaterials provides compounding, pelletizing and applications development services for producers who are looking for high performing sustainable materials. We can make them:

  • Clearer
  • w/Broader temperature resistance
  • Better toughness
  • Adjustable compostability
  • Flame-resistant

Packaging, Logistics

Beauty and Cosmetics


Food & Beverage


Electrical and Electronic


How we work

Step 1:

Initial discussion


We listen to and comprehend your requirements and then assess how our solutions or capabilities can align with them and make them better.


Step 2:

Formulation and testing

We devise material solutions and rigorously test them to meet specifications. Constant communication ensures quick accommodation of changes and a high-quality product.

Step 3:

Sample Release


We provide samples for product or application testing and our engineers assist throughout the process to optimize resin use with your equipment.

Step 4:

Trial Order


Our engineers are available to ensure material stability during production, and we offer testing services for final products upon order approval.


Let us know how we can help you with sustainable materials

Contact us to empower your business. We specialize in the development of biodegradable and compostable resins and work closely with plastic processing service providers to ensure that our materials meet industry and end-user standards..

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